UnderwriteMe teams up with Computers4Charity to support youth charities

January 23, 2023

UnderwriteMe teams up with Computers4Charity to support youth charities

As part of a continued transition to Hybrid working, UnderwriteMe recently raised funds from an office equipment sale (the funds were donated to a couple of charities).  UnderwriteMe also looked at how best to use computers that were no longer needed in the business

UnderwriteMe and Recovery CollegeThis update shines a light on Computers 4 Charity, who they are and how individuals and other businesses can support the great work they do.

UnderwriteMe is committed to minimising ewaste and improving opportunities for computer reuse and recently donated 75 surplus laptops to Computers for Charity, a registered UK technology charity based in Kent.  Our donation of laptops equates to a saving of 11,250kg in CO2 emissions for which we will receive a Net Zero certificate to contribute to our organisational goals towards operating in a more sustainable way.

The Computers for Charity team has been refurbishing computers since 1996, with a vision to provide the best IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) solution possible with full Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) fulfilment.  Their approach to computer refurbishment is designed around providing a green IT sustainability service to benefit the climate and an ethical donation cycle to support communities.

Computers 4 Charity provide end to end PC, computer & laptop refurbishment and reuse from IT donors giving a whole new dimension to corporate and individual environmental and social responsibility.  Every single item donated to them is used to its maximum potential for good.  As a charity they aspire to be as self-funding as possible and aim for 50% of all equipment to be donated to charities with the remaining 50% being refurbished for sales as part of the circular economy.  Sales proceeds go towards the logistics, refurbishment and upgrade costs needed to give computers and laptops a new lease of life so they can continue to donate devices freely to the charities and people who need it most.

George Cook, Honorary Chief Executive at Computers 4 Charity said: “Thank you to the team at UnderwriteMe for their IT donation. Technology companies can really help the circular economy by donating their surplus tech for good and as an added value we find the right charity or community programme to donate them to. The support of UnderwriteMe (and other similar business) will ensure local programmes can put valuable equipment to great use. Thank you so much.”

Carina Rogers, Head of Global Operations at UnderwriteMe said “We were exploring ideas to help local communities in an environmentally friendly way.  Computers 4 Charity were a perfect partner for this, allowing us to recycle equipment whilst also ensuring it added value to worthwhile causes.”


If you or you’re business wants to learn more about how you can work with Computers 4 Charity please visit  https://www.computers4charity.org/

Pictures are representatives from the Recovery College and 21UP movement and the refurbished kit received from UnderwriteMe via Computers4charity.

The overall aim of the Recovery College is to provide educational support that enables individuals to make progress in their recovery from ill mental health. 88% of their students don’t have access to IT equipment at home.
21UP Movement is a youth programme designed to create opportunities for the youth of today and help them to believe in their own potential. They offer a range of activities to help them express themselves through music videos, creative writing classes, music production, sound engineering, anti-bullying workshops plus more.

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