Shining a light on the Trussell Trust and how its working to stop UK Hunger

November 24, 2022

Shining a light on the Trussell Trust and how its working to stop UK Hunger

As part of a continued transition to Hybrid working, UnderwriteMe recently raised funds from an office equipment sale.  The Sale’s proceeds were then considered for dontation to a few different causes.

Our first donation shines a light on the Trussell Trust, who they are and how individuals and other businesses can support the great work they do.

The Trussell Trust’s goal is to create a fairer society where nobody wonders where their next meal is coming from.  They support communities to help reduce the need for foodbanks locally, they look to change policy by working alongside food banks to provide evidence of the drivers of extreme poverty and the Trust also hope to change minds by increasing understanding and empathy of amongst the general public.

The trust supports around 1,300 foodbanks in the UK (which is about 2/3rd of all the foodbanks in the UK).  The trust is always looking for help either in raising public awareness or operational support (meeting the demand or tackling root causes).

Samantha Stapley, Chief Operating Officer at the Trussell Trust said: “Thank you to the team at UnderwriteMe for their incredible support. With rising living costs, energy prices at record highs and a cut in the Universal Credit payment many people are facing impossible decisions this winter, like whether to cook hot food or switch on the heating. But ultimately, no one in the UK should need a food bank – all of us should have enough money for the essentials like food, clothing and heating. The support of  UnderwriteMe will help food banks within our network continue to provide that lifeline of emergency support, while we work together in the long term to ensure everyone can afford the essentials, like food. Thank you so much.”

If you or you’re business wants to learn more about how you can help please visit

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