Cover Claims & Underwriting Forum

UnderwriteMe Claims and Underwriting Forum

September 10, 2020

Cover Claims & Underwriting Forum

Don’t forget to visit our virtual stand where we’ll be launching something exciting and have prizes up for grabs! 

Join us virtually at the Cover Claims & Underwriting Forum on Tuesday 22nd September

Along with many other great speakers on the day, Nilesh Patel (Head of Sales and Marketing) will be hosting a session called Are we connecting the dots in underwriting?

Nilesh will be taking the virtual stage at 09:30 with a live Q&A from 09:45. It’s not one to miss!

Here’s a snippet for you

“Is the purpose of underwriting purely risk management? If Underwriting is a dot in the chain of purchasing life insurance, are we considering the other dots when making decisions? Should we be more focused on the end customer and their buying experience?

This session will explore whether we are connecting the dots in underwriting and considering the wider implications when making decisions now and in the future.”