FWD Philippines adopts UnderwriteMe’s digital solution

March 26, 2020

FWD Philippines adopts UnderwriteMe’s digital solution

FWD Life Insurance Philippines (“FWD Philippines”) recently adopted a digital solution which aims to improve the life insurer’s agent and advisory experience.

This solution is the first of its kind in the Philippines, and was built on the Underwriting Rules Engine (“URE”) powered by UnderwriteMe, Pacific Life Re’s fully-owned subsidiary. It is designed to deliver a superior customer journey as only relevant questions are asked, resulting in a much shorter application process and minimizing the review time needed to provide an underwriting decision at the point of sale.

Rakesh Kaul, Business Development Director for UnderwriteMe, said, “As the first life insurer to launch our pioneering offline digital solution in the Philippines, we look forward to FWD’s sales force leveraging a rich and seamless experience to get their work done more quickly and efficiently. Our focus and commitment to removing friction from the sales process has helped us to deliver a world- class solution to FWD.”

Judith Baliton, Chief Life Operations Officer of FWD Philippines, said, “”We’re delighted to launch this industry-leading solution that will greatly benefit our customers and advisors alike. We want to change the way people feel about insurance, so we’re excited to be working with UnderwriteMe. As a result, we will enhance both the customer and advisor experience.”

“With this new digital solution, FWD’s customers will have fast approval of their applications in a matter of minutes by minimizing the back-and-forth between the customers, advisors, and underwriting teams,” Baliton added. “UnderwriteMe’s online experience is seamless and ideal, and its offline decision-making capability is as reliable and can already make initial underwriting decisions at point of sale.”

Vasan Errakiah, Head of SEA and Product Development, Pacific Life Re, concluded, “We are committed to looking for new ways to support our partners in achieving long-term growth in the markets in which they operate. We are confident that the adoption of this solution will improve the customer journey and transform the way insurance is perceived.”

This follows closely behind the recent successful implementations by UnderwriteMe for FWD in Singapore and Malaysia. Implementation plans in other FWD offices across Asia are underway.